Samantha Torres


Sam is a passionate problem solver who excels at breaking complex issues down into smaller, relatable pieces. Her combination of strategic analytical and communications skills mean that she is able to engage with clients and their teams at all levels, and help them to navigate complex projects smoothly and effectively. Sam’s drive, commitment and enthusiasm add value and momentum to any project she leads, and supports her clients to effectively meet their goals.

Sam has held executive responsibility for major policy and infrastructure projects and driven significant reforms across a range of NSW Government departments and sectors, including liqour and gaming, justice, and trade and investment. She is highly respected and has the background and strategic capability to tackle the most complex business challenges. Since leaving government and establishing S+T, Sam has lead complex policy, program and infrastructure projects with private and government clients.


• Bachelor of Law (LLB),
• Graduate Certificate in Management,
• Graduate Diploma in Management,
• Masters of Business Administration,
• Investment Logic Mapping (trained),
• APSC, Executive Leadership Development Program, and
• IPAA Public Sector Finance Certification.