Strategy, Change and Program Advisory

S+T work with government and non-government entities who have ‘big picture’ strategy and business issues to resolve. We thrive on turning complex ideas and challenges into manageable, digestible packages of work. This means we can convert good ideas into reality, advising not only what can be done, but also providing guidance on how to get it done. It also means that we can add significant value to our clients because we understand the practical implementation.

Senior executives have significant responsibilities and busy schedules, and often are challenged with limited time to focus on important issues. S+T routinely help government departments and our corporate clients consider all the angles in making significant decisions, and to clearly understand the benefits and risks associated with all the options. We devote our resources to fully considering the question at hand and focusing on the problem being solved. As a result, we are able provide our clients with clear, cohesive advice and practical recommendations.

How we can help

Change is constant. Rigorous planning and focusing on outcomes are one of the most effective ways of protecting the future of any business or government department. S+T understand the challenges presented by current commercial and political realities and is the complexity of the environment that must be navigated. Having worked in senior levels of government and the private sector ourselves, we bring real world experience and lessons learned to every project we take on. We will work with you through the lifecycle of entire initiatives, as well as on discreet elements and share our expertise with your teams. Our collegiate and inclusive approach means that we can (and frequently do) support our clients through strategic planning, associated change and communications strategies, and support with ongoing program support services.

Some examples of strategy, change and program advisory services include: strategy development and strategic planning, business strategy and planning, strategic communications, stakeholder engagement planning and implementation, government relations and engagement strategies, change design, planning and implementation, organisation re-design, machinery of government support, program development and implementation support, and Project Management Office (PMO) planning and implementation.

NSW State Rescue Board (SRB) - Strategic Priorities

S+T was engaged to facilitate workshops directly with the SRB and with members of its Policy Advisory Committee in order to develop a new Strategic Priorities Statement accompanied by key actions needed to support delivery of the Strategic Priorities.

S+T designed the workshops in a way which enabled participants to develop a collective understanding of the root causes of the strategic challenges facing the Board in effectively carrying out its functions rather than focusing on the symptoms of the problems being experienced.

NSW State Emergency Services - Flood Rescue Service Strategic Plan 2023

S+T was engaged to develop a Flood Rescue Service Strategic Plan. In support of this task, S+T facilitated two multi-agency interactive workshops with representation from each of the NSW Emergency Services.

The Plan grouped strategic recommendations into ‘focus areas’ and ‘initiatives’, with high-level phases and milestones provided for each initiative, along with an owner. The key project risks were identified, and a Governance and Reporting framework was provided.

Department of Planning, Industry & Environment, Crown Lands - Crown Lands State Strategic Plan

Crown Lands NSW engaged S+T to provide strategic program design and change management services to deliver the State Strategic Plan for Crown land – Crown Land 2031.

This work included extensive consultation with Department executive teams and operational teams and the community to develop an underlying implementation framework to necessitate the consolidation and mapping of priorities, focus areas, risks and anticipated benefits.