Policy and Regulatory Advisory

We work with a range of organisations in policy responsive and regulated industries, providing support and advice on strategic issues, interacting with authorities, responding to inquiries and other actions. Our practical advice is informed by our extensive knowledge of public sector requirements and policy and political frameworks. Our expertise is centred on developing practical, implementable solutions and recommendations in time sensitive environments. S+T’s clients benefit from the fact that our team is highly experienced in the detailed workings of government, having spent a significant number of years working within government departments and authorities. This means we understand the pressures and constraints and are adept at navigating through complex government processes.

How we can help

One of the biggest challenges in dealing with government and regulatory matters is the complexity of the environment and detailed processes that must be navigated. Having worked in senior levels of government ourselves, we bring real world experience and lessons learned to every project we take on. Some examples of government and regulatory advisory services, and support we have provided, include legislative review and reform, regulatory design and compliance, independent policy and strategy review and advice, Cabinet and Parliamentary submissions, and program review. S+T can help government departments, and businesses who need to deal with government proactively manage government and regulatory interactions. We will help you build internal capability and focus on understanding where knowledge and expertise can be developed.

Our team will work with you to cut through the complexity, identify a clear path forward and achieve tangible outcomes for our clients, minimising volatility and managing risk.

ACT Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate - Review of the Cultural Facilities Corporation Act 1997

S+T was engaged to support the ACT Chief Minister (Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) examine the current and future object and purpose of the Cultural Facilities Corporation (CFC) and scope of the CFC’s operations and place in Territory aminidstrative arrangements. The review required S+T to review the CFC’s role and responsibilities, consider and analyse best practice models for governance and accountability in accordance with Territory legislation, financial management and governance standards, and assess the legislative framework’s capacity to support the CFC to fulfil current and future functions.

Department of Regional NSW, Mining, Exploration and Geoscience (MEG) - Policy Reform Priorities Program

MEG engaged Spedding Torres & Associates to provide policy development and analysis services and lead the implementation planning of policy-based reforms as part of MEG’s proactive reform program.

The program required S+T to provide specific policy development services on a range of matters including offshore mining policy, publication of geological reports policy in addition to assisting in the design of the overall reform program.

Many of the policy matters overlapped with long-standing regulatory challenges, which S+T also assisted in resolving.

Liquor & Gaming NSW (L&GNSW) - Liquor Licensing Reform Options Outcomes Paper

S+T was engaged to assist L&GNSW determine the necessary improvements to streamline processes for licensing and planning applications and development of a plan for integration of relevant processes with the objective of reducing approval times and unnecessary duplication. S+T developed a standalone report responding to the outcomes of public consultation.

S+T navigated and applied the relevant legislative frameworks and policy mechanisms to address the concerns and issues raised by a diverse stakeholder set with strongly opposing views on the best approaches to liquor licensing regulation.